Creating Mally

When you read Mally Mae’s Rotten Day it will forever change your life! Okay, maybe it won’t change YOUR life, but it certainly impacted mine in a big way.

In 2016, As an early education major, I was tasked with putting together a children’s poem in one of my classes. I was instantly inspired by the writings of Dr. Suess and the illustrations of David Catrow. I knew my style lied somewhere between whimsical rhyme and witty nonsense.

I was looking to create a character that was memorable. Someone that kids would love and adults could secretly relate to. She had to be someone who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, throw herself pity parties, and openly seek the spotlight. She needed to be innocent but yet intelligent enough to unknowingly manipulate situations and act as any cranky young child (or adult without their coffee). With such a bold personality, she needed the style to match. Kinky red hair in fallen pigtails, huge round glasses, and a stereotypical school uniform (even though she attends public school. It’s her personal fashion statement). And thus, Mally Mae was born. I then instantly knew I would base a story off her dramatized version of her awful day.

Mally Mae’s Rotten Day went through many phases in which whole verses were added and whole plots were removed. Mally Mae’s Rotten Day was originally going to focus on her awful substitute teacher and bulling from her classmates. But because I couldn’t find a unique storyline that exalted Mally’s pitiful attitude, that was deleted from the story.

Mally Mae’s Rotten Day took a little over a month to write and edit before the final draft was completed. During a short hiatus from the story, Mally Mae sadly and mistakenly found her way to my computer trash folder not to be found again until May of 2017. Once I rediscovered what to me was my lost treasure, I instantly started re-illustrating and reediting the story. That is the phase that I find myself in now. I am currently in the process of developing other titles and adventures for Mally Mae to go on. Perhaps she’ll get to meet the substitute teacher after all!
This page is all about the process of the illustrations and the self-publishing process. I hope to have Mally Mae’s Rotten Day out for sale around August of 2017. Until then, come with me to the world of Mally Mae and discover for yourself what’s so special about my red haired drama queen.