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15 Signs You’re an Early Educator

1. You fear when it’s any child’s birthday because this could be the one who brings in full sized chocolate cupcakes with blue icing

2. Teacher appreciation week is almost as good as Christmas… and sometimes you secretly compare your inventory to another teachers.

3. You’ve learned to cope with mini furniture until you come to the point of acceptance….then regular sized chairs look HUGE.

4. You steal supplies from home to bring to your classroom. In fact, most of your supplies you’ve bought yourself

5. Glitter and paint always somehow make their way onto your body… even if you didn’t use those materials that day

6. you save bubble wrap, scrapbook paper, buttons, toilet paper tubes, shoe boxes, plastic bottles, and everything else…. just in case

7. Even though we love them, we all have that one child whose absence makes for a headache free day.

8. Spelling out W-O-R-D-S around children when you don’t want them to know what you’re talk about

9. You know everything about every hit kids TV show even though you’ve never watched it yourself

10. You have limited options of what to name your future children because almost every name in permately attached to a difficult child you’ve taught

11. You understand the power of redirection, however you know some children just need a butt whooping (at home of course)

12. You say, “Johnny, please keep your feet on the floor.” When you mean, “JOHNNY! I’ve told you ten times! Get your butt down before I call your mother!”

13.  “Where the Wild Things Are” is your favorite book because it doscribes your current situation

14. When kids get tired of a certain game, you create a new exciting title for the same old game. “Today we aren’t going to play duck duck goose… we are going to play EXTREME duck duck goose!”

15. Although every early educator face challenges, we love our little people as if they were our own children.


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