Sketches and Development

How do I create the illustrations for Mally Mae’s Rotten Day? Each picture is thought up in vivid detail before I ever put the pencil to the paper. I start out by sketching a rough idea of what I wish to illustrate. At this point in the process, detail is ignored for the most part. That sometimes includes faces, lighting, textures, and hair.
I work exclusively with colored pencil when detailing my work. Shapes, new images, and fine detail will begin to appear as color is added. Once I complete an illustration, I scan it onto my computer were I use digital editing software to add hard colors and perfect the images.
Below you will see photos of the first steps took in creating my animations. I am developing new illustrations everyday. These are the first few pictures in the works. Continue to follow my blog posts to see their development and development of new pieces.

Mall on the school bus annoyed by peers
Mally crying in her mothers arms
Mall worrying about rotting away like food products
Mally eating at the rotten day feast
Mally’s plate of food at the rotten day buffet
Partially colored version of Mally’s plate of food at the rotten day buffet

3 thoughts on “Sketches and Development”

  1. A wonderful first post, I love it, and wish I had your talent for illustrating! I use my own photography combined with photo editing ( using GIMP), but I’d love to sketch pictures too and create them as you have done. I recently dug out some ‘How to Draw’ books I bought years ago, and I’m determined to have a go. 🙂

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    1. That’s wonderful! You should give it a go! It gets frustrating at times, but with patience it’s possible! I only use pencils in creating my work, however, before I publish I am going to go in and digitally enhance them using photoshop.


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