Disruption, Deletion, and Disappointment

Mally Mae was first developed in May of 2015 as a college assignment. I took her a step further and continued working on her beyond my required school work.  I had spent over 50 hours on making her world come to life through illustrations, sketches, and drawings. Nearly 20 drawings were created on paper and ready for digital enhancement by June of 2015. Unfortunately, my collection of masterpieces were misplaced when I took a two week break from the story. During those two weeks I got engaged to my husband and I was very much wrapped up in wedding planning. Some how in the mix of all that, my illustrations got misplaced and thrown away. Fortunately, I took pictures of some of  my drawings, but others will be permanatly lost.

Although this was a big disappointment, as I recreate the story I am realizing my new illustrations are even more detailed and vivid than those that were lost. When I look on the bright side of the situation I realize I have a nice foundation to build my new, remastered illustrations on.


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